Above Middle Grey

More than a quarter of the Netherlands’ geographical area, including the densely populated Randstad area, lies below sea level. The majority of these lowlands consist of land reclaimed from the sea or lakes. In the Netherlands, water is never far away.  ‘Above Middle Grey’ is an ongoing project on this unique Dutch coastal landscape.




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  1. Hi frank dank voor plaatsing on flickr “Golden Art Corvette”
    Alsjeblieft je email adres sturen , wil een foto sturen van iets specials.


    Frans Ouwerkerk dutch-painter

    This is the hand-painted 1985 Corvette Dutch artist Frans Ouwerkerk recently put up in his front yard. Frans considers the display an artwork, something the local authorities disagree with. They consider it a ‘building’. As Frans did not apply for a permit, and since it’s unlikely he will be granted one either, he has no chance but to remove the installation which he said will be done later this week.

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