Self, Tucumcari, NM

Photography has fascinated me since age five. Using this magic little box, I could hold on to a fleeting moment, or cut an interesting section from the world around me and transform it into something tangible: a print. When I got my first camera at age six, it clicked. I have been making pictures ever since. Acquiring a digital camera intensified my love for photography, but I soon returned to film for my personal work.

One of my current projects is called ‘Above Middle Grey’; a collection of photographs of the Dutch coastal landscape. It is my intention to turn these into a photo book eventually.




  1. I follow you on IG. I live in Amarillo and our subjects are very much the same. Love your work, do you live in the area?

  2. Hi Frank,

    Lekker bladeren door je site. Heerlijk, zo’n vierkant formaat. Ik ga je volgen op Instagram. Wie ik ben? We spraken elkaar even kort op Vlieland, bij de terminal.

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