I have published a few books and zines. Currently available are:


Twelve Frames Volume One

A zine containing twelve black and white photographs, made between January and May 2021.

Turbines and Tumbleweed

Turbines and Tumbleweed is a visual document of a road trip I made in northern Texas and New Mexico, in February 2017.

A Texas Roadtrip

‘A Texas Road Trip’ has over 70 photographs of small Texas towns, discarded buildings, Americana, as well as some atmospheric Route 66 images.


Prints of most of my photos published here are available. Black and white photos are printed on matte or glossy Ilford paper, in sizes starting from 5″x5″. Color photos are printed on Fujifilm Digital Professional DP II paper, sizes starting from 5″x5″

Inquire via a message on the ‘About‘ page for options and pricing.